Why do people quit writing?

It’s always the people you want to read. Sometimes they slow down before they stop. Other times they give you no warning.

Did they run out of things to say? Or realize no one listens? Did they finally heal? Or starve to death for attention? Did they become a reader {only}?


When you get old & decrepit (52) do NOT

1)catch the flu

2)go back to old (bad) eating habits

3)quit the gym

4)feel sorry for yourself.

The combination will just age you that much quicker.

Anyway, the good news is, I have less time to write these days. Since I have no readers, this is a good thing.

But tonight, I just had to post this question . . .

Why would anyone call someone else’s Twitter account a ‘Dating profile’ but not their own great wordpress\Flickr\Tumblr? Especially when she is pretty and posts some titillating snaps. I kinda assumed it was because she was finally going to take the next step with someone near her – as opposed to half way around the globe – but then, my radar sux.

Things that make you go ‘Hmmmm . . . ‘

Just tell me why.

Here’s what I mean.

If you can tell me W H Y you want to know anything about me, well, then, I might oblige you. Until then, suffice it to say that you don’t know me just because you read me. And after we meet face to face, will you then know me?

Until you fully comprehend the meaning, you will not be in a position to interact with me on anything more than a superficial level. And, if by some chance, you do come to fully comprehend, then you will see that you can never go any deeper.