Substitute Emotions

Before you gather enough interest to read on, a brief caveat. If you are one of those people overcome by the sadness when someone else loses a pet, and thus wishes they had never shared, then there will be no redeeming value here. Yes, I am one of those people that hates it when other people tell me their pet died. And though I will touch on it only in the briefest, I know I would want to be warned, so I give you that heads-up.

I suspect I am not the only one, but I also suspect many people are unaware what it is like to only feel two basic emotions. (For the purpose of counting, I do not consider lust an emotion)

Sometimes, since there are only two, the only way out of one is the other. So when sad/disappointed becomes overwhelming, anger is the only way out. While one is considered weak – and the other strong – I beg to differ. To be able to bear such sadness while keeping those in contact with you safe, takes immeasurable strength. Yet sometimes, we need a break. And anger is the only thing that can fill that bill.

Ever since I had him killed about 2 months ago, Angie replays in my head. Strange, as Angie was obviously a girl. And Ima not a Rolling Stones fan. But Angie represents to me the utter disappointment of letting down another being, human or otherwise. And the profound sadness that comes with it. Most people don’t understand that every time you let someone else down, you let yourself down too.

Whether it is a couple of women from the Balkans half way round the globe or someone you share the same air in at a house at common. And anyone else misfortunate enough to have cared even the slightest about you in between. All these – and so many more – disappointments just become a crushing sadness. Which leaves anger to provide some relief. Or the aforementioned Lust.

Thankfully though, the sadness is most comfortable, of the three.



Why do people quit writing?

It’s always the people you want to read. Sometimes they slow down before they stop. Other times they give you no warning.

Did they run out of things to say? Or realize no one listens? Did they finally heal? Or starve to death for attention? Did they become a reader {only}?


When you get old & decrepit (52) do NOT

1)catch the flu

2)go back to old (bad) eating habits

3)quit the gym

4)feel sorry for yourself.

The combination will just age you that much quicker.

Anyway, the good news is, I have less time to write these days. Since I have no readers, this is a good thing.

But tonight, I just had to post this question . . .

Why would anyone call someone else’s Twitter account a ‘Dating profile’ but not their own great wordpress\Flickr\Tumblr? Especially when she is pretty and posts some titillating snaps. I kinda assumed it was because she was finally going to take the next step with someone near her – as opposed to half way around the globe – but then, my radar sux.

Things that make you go ‘Hmmmm . . . ‘